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Click here to add the book that inspired this months kit! 


Each month a curated box of magical science, art, mindfulness and outdoor activities will be shipped to your doorstep.


The new Wonder Kit includes all of the materials for four projects with video tutorials and outdoor prompts. 


This month's kit, celebrating the book Becoming a Good Creature is filled with magical activities for your children, crafted to instill confidence and wonder and to foster creativity and independence.  Children will explore ecosystems around the world, creature habitats, the compass, a variety of watercolor techniques, basic animal drawing and more!


We recommend adding the book Becoming a Good Creature to this order or checking it out from the library.  It is a magical addition to this kit but not neccesary to enjoy fun!


*New kits ship on the 20th of each month

Wonder Kit | Around the World

  • The Around the World Kit

    The book Becoming a Good Creature, written by Sy Montgomery and illustrated by Rebecca Green, is full of inspiring lessons from around the world of friendship, compassion and the connection between human and animal.  We can't wait for you to dive in!

    We've crafted 4 art and science activities to accompany the book.

    The Around the World activities are:

    • Compass Collage
    • Paper Globe Watercolor
    • Affirmation Ecosystem
    • Animal Habitat Artwork

    Many of the projects will also include an easy outdoor prompt to get your kiddos out the door for a bit of fresh air!  You will be provided access to video tutorials which are recommended but not necessary.

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