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The Wonder Kit

A literature inspired, nature based kit full of magical art, science and mindfulness exploration. How many ways can we connect with nature?

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We have a thing for children's books.  We literally spend hours reading and re-reading the poetic rhythms and examining every detail of the illustrations so we can deliver our very favorite books, inspiring the theme and projects for each kit, to your doorstep.


I didn't consider myself an artist until I was an adult. I think back to my childhood and remember countless moments when my art wasn't good enough.  That's why we believe so strongly in the power of process based art (process over product). Because we are all born to create in some way or another.  There is no right or wrong way to be an artist. Our job is to inspire that creative energy! 


We've got some crazy, inquisitive, curious kiddos of our own who adore the outdoors, getting their hands messy and exploring all things science. We've spent years teaching science in schools and exploring science in an accessible way at home and we know, at this age, it's about the process, the wonder and the magic.  Because science is magical!


The absolute best way to practice mindfulness is to get outside, and the greatest appreciation for nature comes through mindful living.  We've been teaching yoga, pilates and mindfulness to children and adults for over 10 years and we still find a mindful walk in nature the most refreshing and invigorating part of our day.


Process Based

The Wonder Kit is child led and process based allowing children to explore their own ideas and envision the possibilities. Children are encouraged to experiment and discover in ways that will help them become confident and creative thinkers.


Home Grown

We're a small group of Momma's who spend our days working with children. Each of our kits is dreamed up by us, tested by our own family and friends and prepared with our own hands and love.  Our kits are very literally home grown!


What's Included

  • A beautiful children's book, hand picked by us, as the inspiration for each month's kit

  • All of the supplies your kiddos will need for 4 magical science and art projects

  • Access to video tutorials

  • Outdoor prompts

  • Mindfulness practice

Subscription Options

Subscription Options Without Book

Subscription Options Without Book

Subscription Options Without Book

Subscription Options Without Book

1 Month | $40

3 Months | $105

6 Months | $180

Subscription Options With Book

1 Month | $58

3 Months | $159

6 Months | $288

What Happens When I Subscribe?

Upon subscribing we process your card for the first month.  Subscription boxes ship on the 20th of each month. Your card will be charged monthly at the same time each month.  You will be notified by email before you are charged.  

"Live in the sunshine, swim in the sea, drink the wild air" - Emerson

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